Frequently Asked Questions

What technology is used in Web Browser?
Jerry Messenger uses AJAX in Web Browser. This allows to avoid downloading of custom plug-ins and Java applets into visitor's browser.
How does it work?
Jerry Messenger includes both a Jabber Server and a Web Server. It allows to transfer messages between your site visitors and a Jabber Instant Messenger client program. You may use any of Jabber Instant Messenger software as an operator software.
What web browsers are supported?
Jerry Messenger works with all modern web browsers: Firefox 1.0 and up; Internet Explorer 5.5 and up;  Netscape and other Mozilla based browsers 1.7 and up;  Opera 7.5.4 and up;  Safari 1.2 and up.
May I install Jerry Messenger into my hosting account?
It depends on your account. You need to be able to install Java and launch Java applications. It is usually possible if you have a virtual private server or dedicated server. If not, you may be interested in our Live Help hosted service.
Which ports needs to be opened in my firewall for Jerry Messenger to work properly?
Jerry Messenger uses a standard Jabber port 5222 (and/or 5223 for SSL connections) and 8080 for web connections. Of course, these ports can be redefined in jerry.xml and jetty.xml configuration files.

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